Action Learning Project
During the first year’s Action Learning Project (ALP), students join a team of four to six in consulting for a dynamic host company over the entire second semester, with several intensive weeks on-site. With guidance from faculty and a corporate liaison, students study the scope of improvements needed and examine the company’s processes, then provide written recommendations and present findings to senior management. Project focuses have included brand image, financial modeling, new product development, product launch and strategy identification among many others.

Business Resuscitation
Chloe Dao’s Houston boutique faced major financial obstacles. She needed a new perspective on her business and a blueprint for what to do next. Hiring a professional consultant was too costly, so the 2005 winner of Project Runway took a chance on a team of Rice MBAs and their Action Learning Project. Putting their skills into practice over one semester, the MBAs pored over Dao’s financial statements, interviewed her staff, studied the designer-boutique market, and surveyed customers to come up with recommendations to improve the business. Of their final presentation Dao said, “They performed CPR on my company, and it really was a lifesaver.”

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